Sunday, November 3, 2013

Sociologist Knowledge of Anarchism Project

Statement of purpose
To explore what sociologists know about an alternate theoretical paradigm that is also concerned with society: anarchism. Sociologists have a very diverse familiarity with anarchist ideas, with some who have had much experience with anarchism, while others know very little beyond crude, popular caricatures. This interview project will engage with sociologists who have substantial familiarity about, knowledge of, or experience with anarchism.

Topics of interest
Interviews will focus on a variety of subjects, but will include theorists of particular note, contributions, and potentialities of an anarchist-sociology, as well as sociologist's knowledge, experiences, and opinions regarding anarchism.

Ground rules
A few rounds of questions and answers will be exchanged, at the pace established by the interviewee (read: no pressure!), over email. Interviewees can provide as much of an answer and as many details as they wish. The published interview transcripts will retain the sociologists' names—i.e., identities will not be confidential or anonymous. Thus, the final product will resemble an “oral history” of sorts. Interviewees will be sent the final interview transcript for their review, in order to correct any mistakes or other things that the interviewee decides to not ultimate include. Finally, the transcripts will be posted to the “anarchyandsociety” blog.

If you are a sociologist interested in participating with this interview project, please write to:  sociology ((at)) riseup ((dot)) net.