Thursday, September 26, 2013

International Blacklist: An Anti-Authoritarian Directory (1983)

More recently, anarchist organizations and projects have been catalogued by the "Anarchist Yellow Pages" or Slingshot's "Radical Contact List". In earlier periods, other comparable lists existed, too. These directories open up a door into the diverse anarchist milieu, identifying curious patterns between the types of organizations and geographical spaces where they reside.

Thirty years ago, the 1983 "International Blacklist" was released. It included contact information for anarchists in dozens of countries, as well as a cross-listing for specific types of organizations. The "Blacklist" listed organizations, projects, unions, college professors, punk bands, bookshops, newspapers, and other anarcho-friendly things. While they included listings for the Catholic Worker and syndicalist unions, they [wisely] decided not to include so-called "anarcho-capitalists". The "Blacklist" also has numerous graphics, photos, and cartoons that are representative of the era.